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Pouring into the Faith of our Children

How do we lay the foundation for our child so he or she can develop that deep sense of God’s goodness?

Take a moment to think back: How did you develop that? If you can answer that question it will help you pass the same on to your child. Personally, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t believe there was a God or thought that He was anything but good. I don’t mean that I haven’t struggled with areas of faith, but I wonder if that simple thought is like an instinct that babies are born with. Perhaps you have a different thought about that. No problem, but nevertheless on to the question at hand about laying a firm foundation for faith.

My guess would be that sometimes as children begin to grow and must face their own difficulties that questions about God’s goodness and existence are raised in their hearts and minds. What an opportunity for adults, whether parents, family or friends, to be present when those questions arise so that we can plant eternal seeds of Truth into their precious hearts. I was blessed to have mentors and coaches in my church that I could ask questions. They faithfully pointed me to see good in struggles and in God’s promise to work things for good in my life. They loved me and were good to me. They prayed for me and taught me about Jesus.

Then, when things were really hard, they helped me to learn to lift my eyes off the ocean waves of the storms and call out to Jesus; much like Peter did when he was sinking in the sea. I am so thankful they were in my life and took the time to pour into my life those eternal seeds of faith. I encourage you to be that person for any and all children you have the privilege to be around.

For those adults who are still trying to learn this truth yourself, don’t wait till you are convinced to share it with your child. Share the Truth you firmly believe and keep adding more as you learn more. Please don’t hesitate to teach such a valuable lesson because you feel you have failed to obtain it. God is good. It’s such a simple statement – but for many of us, I think we live our lives trying to truly learn that deep in our beings.

Whatever brought us to the place of faith where we reside today, we still must walk through sickness, grief, unspeakable disappointments, sin and sorrows. As those children of Israel said so long ago as they were facing the furnace because they would not bow to any other god: Our God is able to deliver us from these unprecedented circumstances, but even if He doesn’t, He is still good and He is still worthy of our worship. It’s in those darkest of moments that the determination to believe in His goodness defines us. With that determination, God graciously causes the depth of the Goodness of God to dawn on our souls.

As we walk through this current difficult, life-changing time, I want to encourage you to think about what other things that you want to teach your precious children. Seize the day! Take advantage of every possible moment! What are the many concepts you want to pour into their very beings every chance you get? I hope one concept you desire to teach is this truth that God is good and wrapped so tightly around His goodness is that He works all things for good for those that love Him because He loves them. The list goes on and on. He is so infinite that it will take an eternity to learn it all, and yet He makes faith so simple that a child can love and know Him – just teach that child of yours the same way you helped them learn to walk, step by step. Bible story by Bible story. Principle by principle. God tells us to speak of His goodness when we stand up, sit down, go out or stay home. God is the One who will actually make Himself real and true for each child but planting the seeds and laying the foundation the very best that YOU can is a tremendous opportunity.

I am so thankful that you take advantage of that opportunity and choose to make such a difference in the life of your child. Research shows that our kids need help being able to connect with their emotions since they have so much screen time at an early age. As you tell Bible stories to your children, encourage them to connect with the Bible character. To do this, have them tell you what you think the person was feeling in the story. If time and circumstances present themselves (which the lockdowns have sometimes provided us), have them act out the story. This gives them a grasp of the story and makes it real to them.

Pouring into you – A Bible story

Now let me tell you a story from the Bible, maybe you can connect to the emotions of the character (who found herself in a difficult spot – and God answered).

There was a widow woman with a child who was living during a very difficult time. She had a huge debt that she would never be able to pay and had no idea what would happen to their lives. She went to the man of God and asked for help. He asked her what she had in her home. All she had was a pot with a little bit of oil. Elisha instructed her to borrow as many pots and containers from all her neighbors that she was able. Then she was to pour her oil into the borrowed pots.

So, she borrowed as may pots as she could. As she poured her oil, it filled pot after pot and did not run out until she had filled all the pots. She was told to sell the oil to pay off her debt and live off the extra money. Try to imagine: How did that widow feel about her huge debt? How did she feel when the man of God told her to borrow pots from her neighbors? How did she feel as she kept asking neighbors for pots? How did she feel as she poured the oil into the first pot and it didn’t run out, and the next pots, and the final pot? What did she feel when she had enough to pay her debt and live off the extra? Finally, is there a need in your life right now like that of the widow? Since this is a true story, how will it change your life this week?

I love to tell Bible stories to children of Jesus rescuing a lost lamb, or calming the storm, and especially when Jesus welcomed the children and blessed them. Today, if I was raising young children, I would tell all the lovely stories of Jesus and the adventures and miracle stories of the Old Testament. Throughout them all, I would paint a picture of a good God who desires a relationship with His people and loves them. That can be a challenge to find at times but look for that even in days of Noah. With that I would add the questions of how the characters felt.

If I were to do it all again, I would tell my children more stories, and teach them more about prayer, and pray for them even more. In Christ, I have no regrets, but I certainly value so many more things today than I did in the midst of raising young children. Treasure the eternal and parent intentionally. May you be blessed to pour all that you have into your children’s lives and may you find, like the widow, that He multiplies whatever small or large amount you may have. Not only does He fill their lives as you pour into them, but that God also provides for your needs as well.