Red Crown

Raising Daughters Of The King

Princesses that bring Honor to their Royal Father

Giving practical tips and encouragement to mommies of girls

I am a speaker, author, teacher, and mother of four adult daughters. I give practical tips on raising children and help to encourage "mommies in the trenches" so that mothers can enjoy their kids at each and every stage.

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Speaking Topics

Building Communication with Your Daughters

Communication is one of the most important skills you will ever develop in both yourself and your daughter. I will give tips on how to open conversations and how to avoid conversation killers with the child you love.

Laying Foundations for Your Child's Faith

Ideas on how to pass your most precious gift, your faith in Christ, on to your children in day-by-day practical steps

The Power of Your Words

Our Words can build up or tear down. How you can use that power to strengthen yourself and train your child to do the same.

Guarding Your Pearls

Training children to guard that which is of value and not waste it or disvalue themselves and their hearts

Helping Build the Attitude of Gratitude in Your Children

How to make gratitude the habit of your child both now and the future and thus endear them to others, help them be pleasant to be around, and enjoy life more and stress less as adults.

A Little Bit About Me


I have been speaking publicly for more than 4 years in local ladies' groups.

I have spent more than 37 years of my career in the field of teaching which began in South America and continued in Georgia where I earned my Master's in Education and ESL. Now I reside in Texas, where I am certified in Elementary Education, Spanish, ESL, Deficient Vision and Orientation and Mobility of the Blind and most recently I became Director of ESL at First Baptist Church Garland. I now devote my time to writing, teaching, mission trips and speaking. Mission trips that I have loved have included humanitarian aid to refugees, medical aid to indigenous people of the Amazon in Ecuador, clear water well-digging in Honduras, eye glass ministry in Romania and community aid in Mexico and Paraguay.

My blog is Raising Daughters of the King, dedicated to giving practical tips and encouragement to mommies of girls.

I am preparing for the launch of my first book, Raising Daughters of the King.

I have been happily married to my husband, Bob, for thirty-two years. We have four daughters, three grandsons, and three granddaughters. We live outside of Dallas, Texas. In my free time, I enjoy reading, quilting and sewing, and playing with my grandchildren.