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Pearls for His Girls – Raising Daughters of the Kings


I’m so excited to tell you that today I was able to use book sale money to buy supplies for an upcoming mission trip!!! I know that many of you bought books just to be encouraging and supportive of me as your friend – you don’t need parenting ideas – you just want to help me. Whatever your reason for purchasing one of my books – you have a part in my mission trips! Thank you!

So, yes, I’m about to go on a mission trip in a few days. I wasn’t sure my health would be back to normal from the last one for me to go – but God has blessed me greatly and is letting me go take glasses to a precious community that I’ve gotten to be a tiny part of two other times over the last few years. Prayers always appreciated!! (If you guys have any eyeglass cases laying around that you no longer need or want, I could use a few more.)

I hope this encourages you to continue to live a generous and giving life. It is great to model for your children. Give you child opportunities to give to others. Anytime we give, it helps us to feel less entitled – it’s great for our babies as well! Have a blessed day – Thanks again!!!!

A few have asked if it helps me more to purchase my book online or directly from me. If that is your question, directly from me gives me more funds to use in this way. Hugs and love! Janice

This is a book filled with encouragement and many practical tips that helped us raise our four daughters. I hope these "pearls of wisdom" can be helpful and encouraging.

Parenting children was not easy 30 years ago and is even more challenging today. I hope this book can be a help to those in the midst of child-rearing who might need someone to throw them a small life-jacket to get them through the situation they are in at the moment and enjoy her children at each and every stage. It is for anyone who may find herself in need of encouragement and ideas that possibly can make life a little more simple in this challenging process (including my own daughters as they begin their journeys of parenting).

From the book: “It’s a story of victory over pain, many small victories and some huge victories. Oh, there are quite a few stories that may not have appeared to end in victory. In fact, they look very similar to defeat. But, in the Hands of the King of Kings, even what appears to end badly is actually just the beginning of another victory. (He tells us that He grows us from Glory to Glory.) The larger pearls take longer and more patience to develop. And ultimately, we know from reading His Word that the final Victory is assured through Jesus our Lord.”

As always, thanks so much for all your encouragement and support,