Red Crown

Raising Daughters Of The King

Princesses that bring Honor to their Royal Father

Giving practical tips and encouragement to mommies of girls
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A Game PlanApril 2019

  1. Name the feeling to help your child identify what she is feeling.
  2. Name the feeling of the people in the Bible stories you tell your child so they can realize that it’s okay to have feelings and tell them to Jesus.
  3. Find an encouraging mentor for yourself….and one for your child (if a grandparent is not available.)
  4. Speak words of encouragement to your child; such as, “God has a plan for your life.” “You are a boy of integrity already, so I know you will be a man of integrity like Daniel in the Bible.”
  5. Be sure your words are true. Kids can tell if you are just trying to manipulate them. Find something of truth and eternal value to say to the little ones in your life.
  6. Dare to ask for help from trustworthy sources – but especially from God.