Red Crown

Raising Daughters Of The King

Princesses that bring Honor to their Royal Father

Giving practical tips and encouragement to mommies of girls


Ideas for dads to make their daughters and wives feel cherished:

The Half Birthday

Celebrating a “half birthday” gives Dad and his daughter a special alone time. It can be as simple as lunch or breakfast or it can be an outing.

The 16th Birthday

On the 16th birthday, we did a date with Dad. Ours included the same formal the girls were going to wear to prom or homecoming, an up-do, corsage, etc. and a dinner date that included the gift of the purity ring.

Letters From Dad

There is a technique of writing “Letters from Dad” to each daughter and his wife. These words written from their dad will last a lifetime. There are also beautiful letter saver boxes that can be purchased and given as a gift as well.

Paper Hearts

Make paper hearts with comments on them saying specific things they liked about the wife and intermingle that with Dove hearts. Cheap but priceless Valentine’s gift for wife.

A Precious Gift

A precious “gift” is when husband warms the towel in the drier and brings it to his wife as she is getting out of the shower — especially on cold mornings.


Lotion on the feet is really soothing — especially during pregnancy but just that loving action makes such a difference. Non-sexual touches mean more to a wife than most men realize.

A Place of Rest

Remember that taking boots/shoes off when you enter your home may help you remember that you are not in the world of battle anymore, but at your place of rest and peace. It helps reduce arguments and tension at home.