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Coach's CornerAugust 2020

Practical ideas on transmitting faith to your children:

  1. Make your faith real. Touch up the areas that are lacking so that you are genuine with your children and be warm in your emotional expression.
  2. Pray for your children – many times, every day. Pray with your children often.
  3. Tell, rather than read, Bible stories to them daily. Repeat the stories many times throughout their lives. (It takes hearing them at least three times for them to stick.) Make the stories exciting (without changing content) so that they love to hear the stories. Help them apply the stories to their own lives. Help them connect to the emotions of the Bible characters.
  4. Be willing to be the family that others ask why everyone in the family seems to have an authentic, genuine faith. (This means lots of difficulties to walk through – that is how people of God who impact the world are formed.) It also means that you and your family will not “fit in”.

A few ideas for school days at home:

  1. Remind yourself that you can do this with God’s help. Start with a Bible story. (That way, you have accomplished the most important thing of the day.) Speak kind words and thoughts to yourself all day.
  2. Start by praying with your kids that God would help your family win the day. (Believe that He will help you!)
  3. Plan out your week before hand (if you are in charge of that) have a written or digital copy available to refer to often.
  4. Do a few simple lessons that can help you feel successful from the start.
  5. Before the first break, eat some spinach (figuratively, of course!) Do the hardest or least favorite lesson near the beginning of the day so that will not be hanging over your head like a dark cloud through all the rest of the day. Get it over with so you and your child can enjoy the day.
  6. Use an alarm or timer of some kind that lets you know when you need to take a break. Use that same alarm or timer to tell you when break is over. The timer takes a load off your shoulders, and the breaks are greatly needed.
  7. Allow your child to take much responsibility in their learning! This also helps relieve a burden from your shoulders.
  8. One of your goals during this time, is to do the very best that you can (not be perfect).
  9. Enlist help from friends and family when you need help.
  10. During this uncertain time, try to build a love for learning into your child. It will help determine whether they hate school or love it in future years. Remember that God has a plan for your child’s life and that at this moment part of that plan includes these days!

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