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Coach's CornerSeptember 2018

What role do we play in our own present and future and the lives of our children. Do we just get born into that fast paced current and hope it is the one that God wants us to follow? I wonder if, when we get real, if most of us would answer “yes”.

I want to tell you a story here. I know you’ve heard it before and you can get all the most accurate details in the book of Genesis. But take a moment to read and let your heart listen to this story about Joseph.

Joseph was a young, happy boy. He had a good family that was wealthy and all of the family needs were met. Yet still, Joseph ended up the target of his older brothers’ jealousy since his family apparently made their free will choices and showed favoritism of one child over another. Eventually, the brothers sold their brother to a passing group of travelers, which as bad as that was, it was a step up from their original plan of murder. He experienced a betrayal from his family members that is beyond words. Then we know that his excellent character and God’s favor over his life landed him in the home of a high up official, only to have false accusations land him next in prison. Once more, there his fine character and ethics elevated his position to only be forgotten when he could have been freed. Finally, years later, he found himself once more in a position of leadership and there, before him, stood the brothers who first betrayed him so many years before. As he had worked through his hurts and as he began to pronounce forgiveness, He stated a truth that we today can cling to as we walk through our own hurts and those of our children: “What man meant for evil, God meant for good and for the saving of many lives.” The story is filled with disappointments and betrayals due to free will, bad, or evil choices. Yet, somehow, those bad choices were turned around and used for good, not only for the victim of those bad choices but also for the very people who perpetrated the bad behavior. So what do we believe about this?

As parents, we pray and we make our decisions based on His Word and what we believe God leads us to do. We choose not to live child-centered lives or self-centered lives, but rather God-centered lives. We do our best to apply God’s Word to our lives and to our families. And then what? We continue to pray and believe and trust.

Mom, as you try to decide what activities to allow your child to join, pray hard. Don’t just make choices randomly. Spend time praying daily for your children. Intentionally parent. There are excellent suggestions on how to make those determinations in the resources listed in this website. Then again, trust a Good Father.

There have been moments in my life as a mom that I found myself asking God about His sovereignty. Sometimes we struggle with learning disabilities, health challenges, and other struggles that our most precious loved ones struggle with daily. I remember a sweet family that I worked with years ago who had two children with a genetic visual disability that would lead to blindness as their boys reached their teens. There are so many painful questions that we face. We ask ourselves really hard questions wondering what we have done that caused our children to face these struggles. As you pray and seek God’s answers, listen for His Words spoken by Jesus in John 9:2-4 when Jesus said the disability was NOT due to sin of the parents but rather so God would be glorified.

And for those that have experienced heart or physical wounds from other humans, hear what God said through Joseph: what man meant for evil, God meant for good and for the saving of many lives.

Maybe it will help you moms today to memorize this verse if you have not already: Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God ….

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