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From One Mom To AnotherAugust 2020

Hello, my dear sweet friends!

How are you? I hope each of you can answer that in a positive way! We have all seemed to struggle in one way or another during these unusual times. I want to acknowledge that health issues, lockdowns and general upheavals all around us have placed challenges before us. I wish I could tell you that I’ve walked through my challenges in victory, but I think the better perspective might be to look at it from God’s perspective. He declares that we are more than conquerors. I am so grateful to serve a God who can take my feeble attempts and even defeats and turn them into victories in Him. I hope you can see His perspective over you as well.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve written due to several challenges over the past many months (even before 2020 began), but I wanted to write you because some of you could use a little encouragement right about now. I know I sure could! Since talking about the good things of God and connecting with our community - our people - are two very healthy ways to encourage ourselves, I figured it was time to do that through a newsletter.

When I was in Africa this time last year, I was talking with some beautiful ladies in a village there. At one point, they asked me how I maintain my faith when I am faced with adversity. My answer to that question is that I have a deep belief in the Goodness of God. Over the years, I have also grown to know, among many other Truths, that God is love and He is supremely sovereign. When we are faced with really hard things or bad things, if we can still lift our eyes knowing that He is truly and completely good, we can go through those difficult moments with trust and our faith remains firm.