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From One Mom To AnotherMarch 2013

This publication has been a work in progress since the year 2000, when all four of my daughters had the same teacher for different classes. Every time he saw me, he asked if we had written our book yet on how to raise amazing kids.

Well, several years have passed since then, even a period of time that blessed us with four teenage girls at once. We experienced many struggles that girls living in this difficult time encounter. They vary from turning a learning disability into a strength, a tragic loss of best friends, challenging relationships, and so much more, and still we have been asked, "Where’s the book?"

Well, here is the beginning — in your hand is a taste of our newsletter along with the promise of more to come with the hint of a book in the near future.

If you think it is interesting and you accept that it will not fit everyone’s needs but may have a few good ideas that you can tweak and implement in your home, then you may wish to subscribe to our newsletter.