Red Crown

Raising Daughters Of The King

Princesses that bring Honor to their Royal Father

Giving practical tips and encouragement to mommies of girls
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From One Mom To AnotherMay 2013

As I have prayed and struggled over what to write next. I keep coming back to what I consider the hardest yet most important aspect of raising children of the King. There are so many little tips that I will add at the end so that maybe a few practical pointers will be part of each newsletter, but I feel that our Royal King has given very clear instructions to us as to how He wants us to proceed in raising the children He placed in our homes and lives.

The primary step is to make sure that you have an active, growing relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Raising children that grow up loving Jesus is surely a formidable task; without a genuine love and friendship with Jesus, it would be impossible. I was blessed enough to have been led to a country where I needed Him so much and was shown that need so that I was forced to get to know Him (and myself and my needs) just to make it through each day./p>

If you feel you don’t have that with Jesus, then I would say, your first task is to seek Him and plead with Him to make Himself real in your life. That, too, is a lifelong task — but here I will jump to the next step in raising Daughters of the King — our Words.

If we look to the only Perfect Father for our example, we see that He chose each and every word He spoke ever so carefully. From the day when He spoke creation into existence to his last words on the Cross, each word was spoken in truth and with love.