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Jesus Calms The Sea

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Mark 4:35-41
Jesus calms the sea

Another thing I like to do is make the stories relevant. Sometimes I’ve told this story to children that have never seen a boat or a sea. I am very dramatic in my story telling so maybe even if they do not have the background experience to help them understand the story I am telling, they should be able to understand what is happening, and then also we have managed to build their experience a bit for their future educational success.

The Bible tells us that Jesus went around doing good everywhere to lots of people. He would make sad people feel happier and sick people feel better. He would tell people that didn’t know that God loved them very much. He worked hard. Well people wanted to be around him because He did so many good things for so many people, so they followed him everywhere. It was starting to get a little late, and his friends sent the people away; they got in a boat and started rowing across the sea. Jesus was really tired and He knew God would take care of him, so he laid down and fell asleep in the bottom of the boat. But before too long, a big wind and storm started coming up, the wind was blowing the boat all around, the waves of water were starting to get into the boat, and it was getting close to sinking. Well the friends in the boat started getting really, really scared, and they were afraid they were going to die in the storm.

Finally, they went over to Jesus, and they woke him up. Was Jesus scared? No, he was sleeping really well. He knew God would take care of him so He just slept. Until they woke him up! They said, "Jesus, don’t you care that we are about to die out here?" He just said, "Why are you so scared? Don’t you believe that God will take care of us?" Then he stepped up and said to the water waves "PEACE," and he said to the winds, "Be still." And you know what happened? The wind and the waves and the storm stopped. And it was all quiet. And the guys were able to get to the other side of the sea safe and sound.

And they stood there looking amazed and in shock wondering "What kind of man is this who makes the wind and the waves obey him?" What kind of man is Jesus? He is the son of God. He made the winds and the waves so they have to obey him. What about you? Do you sometimes get scared when there’s thunder and winds? Do you have other things that are scary to you? Jesus can help you with all of those scary things just like he did with those men on the boat.