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MissionsApril 2019

Vera Cruz - October 2018

An update on my most recent mission trip. You know how much my heart loves sharing Christ’ love with people of other nations – as well as my own. God put missions on my heart when I was a twelve year old girl and then allowed me to serve full-time in South America for five years. Those years brought me closer to God than I ever could imagine. I’m sure that is the reason I still love missions today – it’s hard work often, but it is what makes my heart sing.

I had the fun of going on my twentieth mission trip this past October to an area in the state of Vera Cruz, Mexico that we have visited several times before. Where once there were just a few children that would come to our Vacation Bible School sessions, now there is a small church with a team of dedicated workers that drive out to encourage this group. The little church meets in a rented hall near the bus route. We were able to get a glass door installed to keep the sound and dust out of the meeting hall. (Before, the dirt would cause the workers to leave with sore throats, and they would have to stop singing or talking whenever cars passed by due to the traffic sounds.) Some of the team was also able to paint the interior of the hall giving it an inviting appearance. The highlight of the trip was to be part of the very first baptism in that location. What a joy to fill a wading pool with water and attempt to heat it. (The weather was quite chilling.) Two new believers braved the chill of the water to make a statement to all those present that they wanted to follow Jesus. Some precious women had made prayer blankets that were quickly wrapped around these new believers. It was a sight I’ll never forget to see the 15 year old boy that had attended the first VBS some 5 years before choose to follow Jesus and declare that before his friends and family. Then, wrapped in a blanket for warmth, ride home with his dad and brothers on the back of his father’s motorcycle. The other brave soul had watched her grandparents live genuine lives for Jesus so had her ailing grandfather baptize her. (Once more a picture of grandparents impacting the lives of their grandchildren.) May grandparents everywhere impact eternity for their grandchildren!

The rest of the mission trip was spent in taking the precious gift of sight to the people there. As you know, many times the hard working people of the world cannot afford visits to the eye doctor or even the simplest pairs of glasses. For three days, our small team of 4 workers, attended the local children and adults that requested help. We were able to bless many with glasses. One young man had such poor vision that we could not come near a prescription for him. We were able to take his previous lenses to a local optician who put them into a frame for him and once more he had hope of being able to see farther than the watch on his wrist. As always, God provided for needs to demonstrate His love through imperfect but willing vessels. This service of humanitarian aid and compassion spoke louder than mere words. What a blessing to touch others and speak into their lives, the Love of Jesus.

What’s next? I just got “traveling orders” from God. I get to go to a people that have never heard the name of Jesus. Remember that Bible group that allowed so many women to find help for healing in their trauma pain? That was tried with women in Africa – and I get to take it to some women on the southeast area of Africa!!! I’m so excited! The conditions may be a little rougher than I’m used to – we’ll be camping and not have running water and electricity – but what a dream come true for me! After telling countless missionary stories about Africa, I get to go and share. My emotions are all over the place with excitement and joy and there was a little bit of anxiety as well – but I recognize it – and have told my Heavenly Father and feel such peace that He is totally aware of my short comings. (I’m in a boot with a sore foot right now – but guess Who made my feet and promises to make them not slip.) I’d love your prayers these days for the people we will be seeing and for our team. I can’t wait to share with you in the next newsletter all the glorious thing that He does to a people He loves and delights to reach. Get your children praying also. They’ll see prayers answered and have the opportunity to pray for something bigger than themselves and someone other than themselves. Let them dare to believe God for others and for great things.