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An Excitng Opportunity

I'm excited to share with you about a new outreach that I have been volunteering with these past four years. (Don’t worry! I'm not recruiting or asking for money! LOL) I am excited to share with you a few tips that will help you, your friends, and your families.

One thing that I’ve learned through this opportunity is how important our need for a safe community truly is and how much we crave a place where we can be listened to without feeling judged, without fearing our story will be repeated to others, and without having others try to fix our problems. I’m excited to try to incorporate that kind of community into our newsletter. I realize that it’s a challenge to do this in an online format – but I love a challenge if there is value in it, and I can tell you: there is value in community!

Previously, you've shared prayer requests and concerns with me. Now, I'd like to invite you to share your stories or struggles with me (privately.) I'd love to see if we can develop an online Zoom community as interest and trust develops. If you are one of those that are craving this community, let me know what times your best moments are to squeeze in a few minutes of meeting together in person or in Zoom if those things interest you.

With love,