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Raising Daughters Of The King

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I have heard so much criticism of this generation. I actually am feeling compassion for them. Yes, there are some challenges that they encounter that other generations do not, but who raised them that way. The criticism might be better placed on my generation. Well, I’ve heard that as well. They say we should have let our kids get the accurate view of themselves by letting them lose and not reward effort –only reward the talented achiever. Well, go ahead and throw me under the bus as well. I never wanted my kids to feel they were “losers” just because one might not be fast or aggressive or a speller or whatever. Yes, we moved them to events that highlighted their strengths, but when they are very young, it’s hard to know what that might be and sometimes, they lost.

So, what created this problematic generation? Is it the inability to recognize that they are not the best at everything they try? Is it that coaches and teachers were not allowed to dish out consequences for poor behavior? Is it parents that wanted to be friends with their kids? Kids that never had to take responsibility for their actions? Too many activities? Latch-key and microwave generation?

Well, maybe all of this combined to create a struggling generation — but the real problem they have faced is a lack of the reality of Christ in their lives. But, I really want to declare for them that God is the God of the difficult as well as the easy. Don’t count Him out of their lives yet. And He can do it in a heartbeat. Pray for them. Seize the moment.